General Info

Group Files

PO standard slide, Jordan Group inventory, glovebox guidelines, dissertations of previous graduate students are available on polyester.


  • Absolutely no early transition metals (Group III - Group VI) are to be brought into the late transition metal glovebox.
  • Absolutely no transition metals are to be brought into the main group glovebox.
  • Use the signup sheet.
  • Clean up after yourself (this includes removing any spilled chemicals and the items used to clean them, putting away all chemicals, and cleaning and putting away any common items).


  • All purchases (except those from the Fisher Stockroom) must be approved by Rich or the quartermaster (currently Nate).
  • Check the inventory and ask other group members to see if we already have a chemical before attempting to purchase it. Don't be afraid to send out an email to find a specific item.
  • Do not take chemicals from another person's benchtop area without permission from that individual.


  • Do not use group instruments (GPC, DSC, IR, UV-Vis, GC-MS) unless you have been trained to do so.
  • Use the appropriate signup sheet whenever you use an instrument.
  • Do not "borrow" (aka steal) other people's glassware without asking them first.

Peroxide Testing in Et2O

As a general note ether is usually sold with a stabilizer such as BHT, other common solvents (THF for example) may also contain a stabilizer to prevent peroxide formation. When you open a new canister or bottle of ether, please date and initial it. After 6 months or so a peroxide test needs to be performed. One characteristic of a large amount of peroxide build-up is the formation of crystalline material. In this case, please be aware peroxide formation may result in explosion.

As for testing, peroxide levels can be tested by adding approx 1 mL of ether to 1 mL of acetic acid and 0.1 g NaI -- a GC vial is ideal for this. After one minute, a brown color indicates substantial peroxide levels. Some yellow color is typical, as the acid/salt solution is not air-stable.

Ether from the solvent system is not exposed to oxygen, and the activated alumina columns should remove peroxides anyway.