Safety is very important. All Jordan group members are required to finish Fire Safety & Evacuation Training and Chemical Hygiene Plan - Laboratory Safety Training. Currently these two training courses are offered online through Chalk. More information can be found on EH&S website.

How to take the training courses:

  • Mozilla Firefox is the recommended browser
  • Go to the Chalk website
  • Login using your CNet ID or your UCHADID and password
  • Click “Community” on the right side of the screen where all of the online safety training classes are available
  • Click on the desired course and it will take you to the Self Enrollment page
  • Click “Submit” on the right side of the screen and click “OK” on the lower right side of the next page
  • Click the “Learning Module” link to open the course documents
  • Remember to turn up the volume on your computer speakers to hear the audio
  • Upon completion of the "Learning Module", click "Quiz" on the left side of the navigation bar, and then click the quiz link next to the quiz icon to start the test
  • Once your quiz is submitted, click "Ok" to view results (70% or better is passing)
  • The completion date will be imported into CATTS overnight and nothing further is necessary
  • Once your completion date is imported overnight, a certificate can be printed from CATTS website by selecting the "Manage" tab, logging in with your CNet ID and password, and clicking the certificate icon next to the courses where certificates are available by selecting open to print or save for your records   

If you have questions on the content or feedback on the training material, click "Questions/Feedback" in the training program to contact Environmental Health and Safety at or 773.702.9999. Thank you for your continued cooperation with safety at The University of Chicago.